Videos from Workshop 2: Greece in Crisis: Culture and the Politics of Austerity

A mural close to Omoneia Square, comissioned by the municipality and realised by students of the Athens School of fine Arts, shows the famous hands by Albrecht Dürer pointing down towards the city Photo: Julia Tulke/

We were able to record four of the papers presented at our Greece in Crisis: Culture and the Politics of Austerity workshop held at the University of Birmingham in March.

Professor Roderick Beaton (King’s College London)
Foreshadowing the crisis: Lord Byron and the cultural and economic politics of Greece in 1824

Professor Dimitris Plantzos (University of Athens)
Amphipolitics: archaeological performance and governmentality in Greece under the crisis

Professor Patricia Felisa Barbeito (Rhode Island School of Design)
‘Nothing feels right about this case’: Gender malaise and economic disorder in Petros Markaris’s Crisis Trilogy.

Ms Lambrini Kouzeli (Athens)
Creative writing workshops: A growing trend during the Greek crisis



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