Plutus’ song


by Lind Grant-Oyeye

The economic situation in Greece is heart breaking to say the least. This is a poetic view on how times have changed; it is based on the Greek mythology of Plutus the god of wealth who was supposedly blind and distributed wealth without prejudice. In the ancient Greek play by Aristophanes, he was depicted as gaining back his sight following a visit to Chremylos an Athenian citizen and the world was turned upside down socially and economically from that point.

Plutus’ song

after the ancient Greek  play “Plutus by Aristophanes”

Time was when wealth was blind,
when Plutus and Cupid walked the gardens-
one blind heartbeat.
It’ was the randomness of the gentle arrows
Which pierced cores,
which made the cities plush, glow ever so brightly
in the dark unstarry nights-
how Chremylos gave Plutus his sight,
how the blind walk of love and wealth
became myths in history –legends.


Lind Grant-Oyeye is a voice in sociocultural issues through poetry. She has work published in several international literary magazines.  She is Irish of African descent and lived in Europe most of  her adult life. She is presently based in Canada and currently working on her first book of poetry.